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When to Replace Locks

It is common to replace locks when you know that there is someone in the area breaking into homes. However, if you don’t want to experience a break-in, you’ll need to be proactive. Even if you haven’t experienced a break-in, this doesn’t mean it can’t happen to you. It is likely that the persons who have received break-ins felt the same way. Our locksmiths at San Marco Locksmiths quickly handle the replacement of locks due to safety and security concerns.

You might be curious as to what other occasions call for you to change your locks, here are a few:

Worn Out Locks:

If you are moving into a house, there is a chance that the locks are the original locks. If this is the case, they have experienced a lot of wear and tear. You might see this when you are experiencing problems opening your door or using the lock. Older locks can become quite problematic over time. This means that whenever you are moving into a new home, go ahead and have our locksmiths change the locks for you. You don’t want to wait until you begin to experience a problem, rather do it before a problem occurs.

Lost Keys:

If you have lost your keys this means someone else has access into your home. Your home should be the one place you should be able to feel safe without the threat of someone coming in without your authority. Even if you lose or have your keys stolen, you should immediately have the locks changed. Don’t go mad looking for the keys, just for peace-of-mind, have the locks changed. Not only will it afford you peace-of-mind but you will keep yourself and your household safe.

New Tenants:

If you have someone moving in and out of a property you own or manage, it is best practices to have the locks replaced after every move. If you don’t want to be held liable for stolen property, do yourself a favor by having the locks changed. We know this might seem like common sense but you would be rather surprised to know that there are a lot of property owners who do not take this precaution.

Move Outs:

When you live with one or more people and someone moves out, it is a good time to change the locks. It doesn’t matter whether you parted on good terms or not, this is just something that could go so terribly wrong if you do not take precautions. Take it from us, we have seen big problems with people coming back after they have moved out and taking things that do or do not belong to them. Also, keep in mind that they may have also given a key to someone without your knowledge. You just never know, therefore, it would certainly be in your best interest to change the locks. Don’t even give it a second guess to change the locks.


Undoubtedly, change the locks if you ever experience a break-in. This isn’t something you want to play around with. The person who may have broken in, may decide that because it was so easy to get in before, they can do it again. You may reason that since it already happened, surely it won’t happen again. You could be sadly mistaken. Perhaps they noticed some things they want to collect and will come back to collect them. Change the locks if you experience a break-in.

  • Break-ins – This is the most logical reason to have your locks changed. If someone has broken into your home, your locks have been compromised. If you do not want someone else to come along and break-in again, have your locks changed immediately. This would also be a good time to allow a locksmith to evaluate your locks. There might be other locks that have been compromised. 

Keyless locks are a great way to avoid a break-in. This is because they are so much harder to compromise. All you need is to have the keypad installed, create a code, which allows you to unlock the lock. The likelihood of someone breaking into your place once you have installed a keyless lock is very unlikely. You can give whomever you would like the codes but make sure it is someone that you trust. However, you can change the code as often as you see fit. In some cases, if there is a contractor coming to your home that you are unable to let in, you can give them the code. We would not recommend that you make a habit of doing this. However, in certain cases, it may be necessary. Also, just remember to change the code after the contractor has left. If you don’t change the code just consider who may now have the code to get in and out of your home. The contractor may need to provide the code to his workers. You don’t know the workers, only the contractor. Don’t take chances with the safety and security of your family. Even with a keyless lock, you have to be alert to the possibility of a break-in when the code is given out. However, there is very little risk of experiencing a break-in when you have a keyless lock installed.

We would also suggest that when creating your code to your keyless lock, you make it one that you can remember but not too easy that someone can access it and break-in. don’t create a dangerous situation. Change the code every time you provide it to someone else. This protects you and everyone in your household from the potential of harm. We want you to remain safe at all times and this is why we hope you will heed our guidance when choosing a good locksmith.